We go beyond Advising.

We Advocate.

Experience the Difference of Personalized, Structured Support on Your Journey to Medical School

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The Advocate Advantage

As our motto says, “We go beyond advising. We Advocate.”

Whether you are taking the first step on your medical school journey and need advising or if you are already in the application process, the unparalleled mentorship that your Advocate Team will provide far exceeds the support that you will receive from any advisor.

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Unparalleled One-on-One Accessibility and Personalized Support

We believe that open communication is vital to your success. That’s why both our Premedical Mentorship Program and our Medical Admissions Milestones offer open-booking on our calendars, ensuring you have direct access to the guidance and support you need – whenever you need it. We pride ourselves on getting to know each applicant as an individual. The Advocate Team invests time in understanding your story, strengths, and aspirations, enabling us to help you craft a compelling narrative that captures your unique qualities and sets you apart in the competitive medical school admissions landscape.

Lasting Relationships

We go beyond transactional support. Whether we support you for one application cycle, or whether we support for several years, as your Advocate Team, our focus is on fostering long-term relationships with our applicants, providing continuous guidance and mentorship throughout your journey to medical school.

Stress-Free Organization and Structure

Our structured curriculum-based approach to mentorship and application support enables you to remain organized and focused throughout the process. With tailored one-on-one workshops, timelines, and milestones, we help you effectively manage time and avoid last-minute stress. By having a clear plan in place, you avoid unnecessary stress and concentrate on what truly matters – showcasing your strengths through a cohesive and polished narrative.

Flexible Timelines

We recognize that every applicant’s journey is unique. Our curriculum and process adapt to your specific timeline and deadlines, ensuring the approach we jointly take fits your individual goals. 

In our Premedical Mentorship Program, we meet regularly for one-on-one conversations that empower you with the essential tools, guidance, and confidence needed to navigate the challenging world of medical school admissions. With a responsive and knowledgeable mentors by your side, you can count on us to help you stay on track towards your goals.

First, your Advocate Team will learn about you, your story, your ambitions, and work with you to develop a personalized plan to approach the premedical admissions process. Once the plan is in place, we meet frequently and regularly to discuss your progress and provide further guidance on accomplishing your goals. 

The Admissions Milestones function as your personal roadmap throughout the formal medical school application process. Formulated around the evaluation rubrics employed by medical school admissions committees, our curriculum – thoughtfully designed and divided into clear Milestones and specialized workshops – directly addresses the extensive writing and high-pressure interviews that are intrinsic to medical school applications.

Our one-on-one, curricular approach replaces the unproductive and aimless cycle of writing and rewriting with a systematic and effective framework. Far beyond simply editing essays, we provide assistance at every stage of your journey: from brainstorming initial ideas to refining your final narrative, all in service of making your application process more efficient and far less daunting.

Our Milestone program’s reach is extensive, covering every element of the application process. We guide you in crafting persuasive primary and secondary applications, selecting schools that align with your unique narrative, and tailoring each secondary application to the particular characteristics of each respective school. Furthermore, we offer preparation for standardized tests like CASPer and PREview, and provide guidance for one-on-one and MMI interviews. We also assist in creating impactful letters of recommendation, update letters, and letters of intent. In the face of unexpected challenges, such as waitlists, deferrals, or re-applications, we’re there to offer advice and manage the situation.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide a comprehensive, unparalleled support system, ensuring your journey towards medical school is as smooth and successful as possible.

With medical school becoming increasingly competitive, a growing number of premedical students are seeking professional support in order to maximize their chances of acceptance. As a result, several dubious admissions consulting businesses have popped up to cater to this growing market. In fact, many of our past Advocate Advantage graduates found us after being dissatisfied by these very same businesses.

There are several telltale signs of these questionable businesses. Many are not exclusively dedicated to medical school admissions and also often offer other services such as advising in undergraduate admissions, business, pre-law, and various other unspecialized offerings.

Some may also make bold claims that their advisors are famous MDs who have served on prestigious medical school admissions committees. These businesses deceive by over-promising and under-delivering, and of course, most require full payment upfront for this very reason. You’ll also find that they have strict limits on the support they provide. Their advising physicians meet with you infrequently to provide superficial and generic guidance, while behind the scenes, outsourced editors who know very little about you, do most of the work. Of course, the results are underwhelming.

This isn’t surprising when you think about it. After all, how can a busy, successful physician dedicate the considerable time that it takes to provide one-on-one support and edit so many premedical applicants’ essays and applications?

We do it differently from anyone else because our sole focus is on our applicants. That is why we have specifically designed every aspect of both of our programs to be considerate and fair.

For example, as a show of mutual respect, we collect less than 10% of total program payment upfront for our Medical Admissions Milestones to get you started on our curriculum. The rest of the balance is paid at subsequent Milestones in the application process, and there is no commitment to continue after any Milestone. In our Premedical Mentorship Program, we break down our support into blocks so you can see the support we provide before you commit to more. 

We have structured both of our programs this way because we are confident that you will decide to keep working with us throughout your premedical journey. We let our work show you the value of our support.

We’re a small team, and our focus is quality, not quantity. We understand that we have a commitment to each of our applicants to be consistently available. Our applicants are able to reach out to us anytime for support, and we will always be responsive and available. As your personal Advocates, we see our part in your success as a partnership with shared responsibility.

Currently, we are accepting applicants for our Premedical Mentorship Program. We are also finalizing enrollment for the 2024-2025 cycle for the Medical Admissions Milestones.

The medical school application process is incredibly time-consuming. To ensure that we’re able to provide the personalized high-quality attention that our brand is known for, we cannot make any exceptions to this policy once our program is full.

If you graduate from the program but are not accepted to medical school, we will provide mentorship and guidance throughout your gap year to strengthen your candidacy for your reapplication. Then we work with you to update your application when you reapply.

This need is exceedingly rare – it has happened only once. Almost all of our program graduates are accepted to medical school on their first application attempt.

Our Unparalleled Dedication To
Ensuring Your Success

Your success is our success. Here are just a few of the ways we support you throughout the medical school application process.


Preparation for medical school admission begins well before the application process begins. Whether you are early in your career or about to begin the application process, we’ll make sure that your next step is your best one yet.

Primary/Secondary Applications

Strategy is everything. Your Primary must stand out to, and your Secondaries must specifically cater to each school’s target applicant profile. We take the time to understand your complete story, and then, discuss approaches to best showcase your narrative. That’s what makes us unique.

A School List

Creating a personalized list is essential to maximizing your interview and acceptance chances. Much more than statistics, location, and applicant profile must be considered when making this decision. In building our curriculum, we’ve profiled medical schools in depth to help guide this process.


The interview can make or break an application. We’ll start with the basics and fully prepare you for your interview day through several one-on-one interview preparation workshops followed by school-specific mock interviews.

The Committee

This process may seem superficially straightforward, but there are several important nuances to navigate. If your academic institution provides a Committee Letter, we will guide you as you request this crucial document.

And Much

As Advocates, it’s our job to help with anything that arises during your medical school application journey. The topics listed here only scratch the surface of the wide variety of support we provide to our applicants.

Always Going The Extra Mile

Here are just a few of the ways we support you beyond the typical components of the medical school application process.

Our Strategic

With the ever-increasing competitiveness of medical school admissions, the importance of strategically approaching the entire application process cannot be overstated. Our stepwise approach is based on concrete data and an in-depth understanding of admissions evaluation practices.


An in-depth understanding is central to the support we provide as specialists in this space. We have studied key data released by medical schools, profiled schools in detail, and created a process that shares this knowledge with you through our curriculum. Crafting this school-specific narrative is central to the success our applicants have had in the medical school process.

Interview Day

As part of each interview preparation, we discuss school-specific list of talking points that connect to your unique experiences. We also prepare you for common questions that applicants are asked in interviews at that institution and enable you to present yourself as an optimal candidate who aligns with the school’s mission.

Meet Your Advocate

Nitish founded PreMed Advocates and continues to serve as the primary advisor for both advising and admissions support.

Nitish Thareja -

Nitish Thareja

Principal Advocate

Many qualified individuals do not gain acceptance to medical schools simply because they lack strategic guidance and present their accomplishments ineffectively. Nitish firmly believes that applicants should be given every chance to succeed and that procedural technicalities should not thwart their chances of acceptance. As your Advocate, Nitish is committed to your success, aiming to make the medical school application journey less intimidating and more accessible.

Nitish’s journey began at Rice University, where he earned his Bachelor’s and developed a dual interest in medicine and education. His academic pursuits next led him to a Master’s degree in Human Anatomy at the Tulane University School of Medicine, and then, to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, where he completed the first year of the MD program before leaving to pursue a unique opportunity in the biotech industry.

However, Nitish soon returned to his roots in medical education. After a successful tenure as a Business Development Executive at a venture-capital-backed Artificial Intelligence neuroimaging startup, Nitish’s conversations with peers seeking his advice for medical school admissions led him to identify a pressing need for structured guidance in this opaque process. Soon, Nitish founded PreMed Advocates to provide this much-needed structure. Now, Nitish serves full-time as an Advocate, providing personalized guidance to applicants at every juncture of the application process.

In both the Premedical Mentorship Program and the Admissions Milestones, Nitish will serve as your primary advisor, ensuring that every detail of your story is impeccably presented. Regular meetings with him are a part of the process. Nitish has also brought together a team of experts who share his vision of mentorship. They are on call to provide additional strategic support when necessary, ensuring tailored assistance for every applicant.

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This 1-hour 30-minute application review will be an individualized, open-ended evaluation of your current standing as an applicant. We can also discuss any other topic that you have in mind such as school selection, essay brainstorming/editing, MCAT approach, and guidance on extracurricular activities. We’re a small team that strives to help any applicant that books time with us, whether or not you decide to enroll in one of our programs. 

After discussing, we will also provide an overview of the support that we would provide in your specific situation. 

If you have further questions after filling out this form, you may reach us at the following email address:


We receive a high volume of emails so the best way to get in touch with us is to fill out the form and booking a meeting. Please note that responses to emails may be delayed as we are a small team that prioritizes face-to-face communication and spends the vast majority of our time working directly with enrolled applicants. 

After filling out this form, you will be redirected to schedule a one-on-one consultation with an Advocate.